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'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' filming rapidly; over a hundred of fans celebrates New Year with Michelle Ye

Posted by MYR on January 6, 2010 at 10:58 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

6th Jan 2010



Mega production of era-time love relationship n 'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' casting leads Michelle Ye and Xing Jiadong, is currently being rapidly filmed in Zhejiang Hengdian Movie Studio.  Female lead Michelle Ye has heavy screen time as she will be playing two roles alone, thus is unable to return to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas and New Year with her friends and family, celebrating it with the filming crew instead.  The difference for her was that over hundred of fans were gathered in Hengdian, and they lit hundreds of sky lanterns (kong ming deng / hung ming dang), celebrating New Year with Michelle Ye at filming site. 

What worth mentioning is that on the last day of 2009, fans from nationwide as well as United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc countries worldwide were gathered together outside Hengdian's Gu Ming Ju (ancient Ming) filming site in the cold winds, waiting for approximately 10 hours.  However, due to Michelle Ye's busy and tight filming schedule, fans could only wait patiently in the cold.  In the midnight of Jan 1st, fans outside Gu Ming Ju filming site lit and flew sky lanterns, the scene at sight was spectacular and moving, the fans shouted together towards the countless sky lanterns "Happy New Year, Michelle Ye!"  Fans believe their wishes will be brought by the sky lanterns towards heaven, giving Michelle Ye extra blessings from heaven, bringing her happiness for a lifetime.  At dawn, Michelle Ye finally finished filming and met with fans at their gathering, accepting all their wishes and watching all the arranged performances by the fans, experiencing a memorable celebration in the most joyful and touching atmosphere.


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