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Exclusive Interview 'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' Michelle Ye: Surprise kissing scene from Xing Jiadong

Posted by MYR on January 21, 2010 at 10:33 AM

Source: Wangyi Entertainment

21st Jan 2010

In the recent days, Michelle Ye accepted an exclusive interview with Wang Yi Entertainment at the filming set of ‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’.  Michelle Ye:  I’m a little unaccustomed to the weather in Mainland when filming, the climate is very cold and moist.  Bringing a character to life requires both mental and physical efforts, filming is as tough (as in HK), but everything is definitely worth it.


This is Michelle’s first time playing a film that requires her to wear cheongsam since her debut in the industry, she revealed that she has several image with the cheongsam, “I feel as though I’m filming ‘In the Mood for Love’.”  Talking about her scenes with Xing Jiadong, Michelle mentioned that a sudden kiss scene from him shocked her, “I was stunned by his kiss, tears were flowing endlessly, director exclaimed that it was too good to be true, it was one single take, exceptionally touching (scene).”


Ten years in the industry yet first time wearing cheongsam for film; laughs that it feels like filming ‘In the Mood for Love’


WY = Wang Yi; MY = Michelle Ye


WY: Can you first introduce to us a little bit about your role in ‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’?

MY: This time I’m playing tow roles in the film, playing the female lead, Gu Xiumei and her sister, Gu Xiuju.  Both sisters look very alike, younger sister escapes her (arranged) marriage, she was unwilling to marry Mu Tianen played by Xing Jiadong, therefore the elder sister had to replace her.  The elder sister is a very conventionally virtuous person, with her determination towards love, marriage and faith, she walks through life hand in hand with the male lead after much obstacles.  The younger sister becomes a pioneer member of the revolution, she is a member of the communists.  There is an big contrast between the two roles, it is a very big challenge, yet very satisfying.  When I’m playing these roles, it requires high stamina, I change costumes from morning till night to play these two roles, been through much pain, crying till my tears dry with Jiadong, every scene is very detailed and moving, it is an exceptionally excellent script.


WY: Playing sisters who look alike, with a big contrast in character, is there any difficulty?

MY: Our appearance are very alike, even Jiadong mistakes ‘us’, the difficulty lies in how to play the roles who look alike yet have different personality, this is a very big challenge.  I think I’m quite successful playing them, Jiadong was playing with the ‘elder sister’ me first, and on the first day I played ‘younger sister’, he couldn’t help laughing, he could not accept that I was another person altogether, thus their gap of personality is apparent.


WY: In the series, your love rival, Chen Shu had a wide variety of costumes, and looks stunning.  In comparison, your appearance seems more simple, do you feel envious of Chen Shu?

MY: The scenes (filmed) these two days are of my hardship days, and I was mistaken to be my younger sister who is the communist member in the revolutionary team, and was punished to death penalty by shooting, luckily I did not die, but hid in a commoner’s house, thus my costume is simpler.  This film timeline stretches over 30 years, from 16 years old until 40 plus years old, in the film I am the wife of a wealthy family, I have many beautiful appearances, was adorable during my younger days.  I wear a lot of cheongsam, changing from day to day, we say it feels like filming ‘In the Mood for Love’.


WY: What does it feel like filming in cheongsam?

MY: I wore cheongsam in the pageant back when I first debut.  Ever since then, I have not worn any cheongsam to film, this is the first, I waited for such an excellent script, a good role and then wear a whole lot of cheongsams in a row.  I have worn all kinds of cheongsam this time around, there are those for wealthy ladies’, housewife, young girls, as well as the younger sister who wears as an undercover, as a wealthy wife, as a teacher, there are just too many undercover roles, it feels like a fashion show.


Stunned by sudden kissing scene by Xing Jiadong


WY: Have you watched Xing Jiadong’s work before this?

MY: Yes, I have.  My good friend Bao Qiang gave me DVDs of ‘Soldier Sortie’, after I watched, I had deep impression of Wu Liuyi, but I didn’t know the name Xing Jiadong.  When I accepted this series and knew the male lead was Xing Jiadong, I even asked Bao Qiang if this actor is okay, he said, that’s Wu Liuyi, then I knew it was him.


WY: How does it feel like working with him?

MY: He is an exceptionally professional actor, he has lost his soldier image in this film, he cries out all his tears (in this film), he told me his tears couldn’t stop in last night’s scene.  I congratulated him, he will be successful in portraying this role.


WY:  Is there any scene which left you with deep impression?

MY: There was this scene when he was going to be the doctor of the army, and is leaving me and our children at home, we were bidding our farewell.  After testing our position, we will hug, during the official filming, just before he left, Jiadong kissed me, and I was stunned by his kiss, my tears just couldn’t be held back, director exclaimed that it was too good to be true, it was one single take, exceptionally moving (scene).  In the entire acting career, I’ve not faced with such scene, such a daring partner, who gave no warning before kissing.


WY: After the ‘attack’, did you ‘scold’ him?

MY: After filming, he said we should do another take, and he wanted the kissing part to be longer, I said no, one kiss will need additional 500 bucks fee, I also teased that he must’ve bribed the director.  Although that scene was a sudden addition, it was very natural, these kind of surprise he adds in gives extra chemistry in the film, I believe audience will be very infatuated by the scene.


WY: In the film you played the mother of children aged from teen to twenty plus, does it feel awkward to play it?

MY: It is a very big challenge, my son and daughter’s actual age are almost my own (actual) age, our chemistry is quite good, we are just like a family when we sit down together, our life and relationship is very intimate.


TVB is like Shaolin Temple; have experienced filming for continuous of 80 hours


WY: You’ve filmed several films for TVB, what do you think about the recent rumors that TVB forces their actors into long filming hours?

MY: I don’t think this is forcing, I feel that TVB is like the Shaolin temple, all I’ve learnt about acting is from TVB, without TVB, I will never be where I am today, ‘forcing’ may be exaggerated.


WY: Ada Choi mentioned in an interview that she has once filmed non-stop for 4 days straight, have you had such experience?

MY: Yes, this is true, I was still young then, I don’t feel that tired.  When we face challenge when we are young, we do not feel too much suffering, I felt that it was very worth it, living through such strenuous filming, then there should be nothing else that can be too big a challenge for us.


WY: What was the highest record of hours of not sleeping when you are filming?

MY: More than 80 hours without sleeping, just closing eyes for a few moments during lunch time.  And it was a fighting film, I was riding the horse while my nose was bleeding.  It was a lot of effort put into filming, but I wanted to play the role very well, I felt like I was drugged to stay awake.  My colleagues said “Why are you so lively even without sleeping?”, it was quite an unforgettable experience.


WY: Do you still remember which film?

MY: ‘Eternal Happiness’, a film when I just debut, I was playing the role Mang Lai Kuan.


Not afraid that fees may reduce for acting in series; admits having rise in fees


WY: Do you think filming in Hong Kong or in Mainland is harder?

MY: In Mainland, I’m a bit unaccustomed to the weather, it is very cold and moist, about which is harder, it is almost the same.  Bringing a character to life requires both mental and physical efforts, but everything is definitely worth it.


WY: These recent years, you’ve focused in progressing in the movie industry, now that you come back to film series, do you worry that your fees may reduce?

MY: This series pays me a lot, my fees have not reduced, it has risen.  I do not just look at fees when I accept filming, I consider the scripts and crews.  This role moves me a lot, it feels like the saga of a woman, telling the story of this woman, her family, as well as her determination and faith.  This story is an exceptional one that no one actress wants to miss.  I will not give up on movies, I am honored to make time for filming of such a great series.


WY: You were nominated by Venice Film Festival, Asia Pacific Film Festival and several internationally renowned film festivals as the best female actress, now that you film series, did your fees really increase?

MY: It is good.


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