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'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' talks about history of family; Liang Jingke, Michelle Ye good sisterhood

Posted by MYR on January 25, 2010 at 9:30 AM

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25th Jan 2010

Liang Jingke and Michelle Ye profound sisterhood


A series about the Republic of China times is currently filming rapidly in Hengdian, young actresses Liang Jingke and Michelle Ye plays a pair of intimate sisters, although they fell in love with Xing Jiadong at the same time, their sisterhood remains.


‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’ leads Xing Jiadong, Michelle Ye and Liang Jingke, telling about the spirit of an educated commoner in the history times.  Xing Jiadong plays an educated man Mu Tianen, Liang Jingke plays Gu’s family eldest sister, Gu Xiuzhu, Michelle Ye plays two roles, Gu Xiumei and Gu Xiuju.  In ‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’, Mu Tianen and Xiuju has been arranged into marriage since young, however Xiuju and her lover eloped.  Out of pity, Mu Tianen and second daughter Xiumei engaged, this caused Xiuzhu who has admired Tianen to be extremely upset, and was emotionally hurt. 


However, Xiuzhu is an outspoken girl who loves to dream, although she and Xiumei both loved the same man, her sisterhood with Xiumei was not in any way affected, she willingly wrote letter to Tianen on behalf of Xiumei, without regrets at all, she is very kindhearted.  Discussing on the role, Liang Jingke expressed, “She cannot differentiate imagination and real life.  But she is a very kindhearted girl, I really like this role.”

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