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Michelle Ye and Xing Jiadon's excellent tacit understanding has zero NG

Posted by Kim on February 2, 2010 at 9:35 AM


Source: Sina Entertainment

02nd Feb 2010

Michelle Ye & Xing Jiadong


‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’, whose script is an adaptation of author Lin Zhe’s novel ‘Grandma’s Ancient City’ is currently filming rapidly, Sina Entertainment visited the filming set in Zhejiang.  Xing Jiadong and Michelle Ye plays a pair of loving husband and wife.  Both who were working together for the first time were full of praises for the other’s solid acting, and revealed that they had excellent tacit understanding and thus has zero NG record.


Mu Tianen, Gu Xiumei conventional (eastern) marriage vowed western faith


The shooting was of the scene where Gu Xiumei’s and Mu Tianen’s after a separation of a decade and are meeting once again.


In the scene, Mu Tianen is still a young doctor, while Gu Xiumei has just married to him.  According to the script, their fate to come together was a result of Mu Tianen and Gu Xiuju’s arranged marriage, when Xiuju eloped while elder sister Xiumei had to replace her, it was nowhere near being in love with one another.  The scene goes to show how they fell in love with one another after marriage.  What is more meaningful is that, although the pair is a young couple of the early twentieth century, the dialogue (of wedding vow) was in fact westernize, including lines such as “be it rich or poor, healthy or sick…”.  Xing Jiadong explained Mu Tianen was educated in Shanghai in a western medical institution, he received western education, in his heart, marriage is a vow of two persons for a lifetime, thus they used this manner of ‘wedding vow’.


Xing Jiadong stunned Michelle Ye kissing her


In the second scene, it shows that Mu Tianen and Gu Xiumei meeting one another again after a separation of a decade, and recalling memories upon seeing the familiar sceneries on their way home.  After ten years of suffering, both of their facial expressions reflected vicissitudes endured.  Even their attire were simple, however when crossing their spot of vow, Mu Tianen couldn’t help bringing his son for a bath in the river.  The day before last, Xing Jiadong caught a cold due to filming in the rain, he felt very unwell, the temperature in the mountains were lower, however during filming, he still took off his coat willingly and went into the water to play with his son.  This surprised Michelle ye and the filming crew, but the effect was good.


Michelle Ye said, Xing Jiadong is an actor of brilliant ideas, he often has surprises up his sleeves.  “There was a scene where Tianen was going away to be the army doctor, we were supposed to hug after bidding farewell, who knew during the actual filming, Jiadong suddenly kissed me, I was stunned, never met such a daring actor, kissing without telling first, if we hadn’t such good chemistry, the scene will surely be spoilt.”  Luckily Michelle’s tacit understanding with Xing Jiadong was excellent and the scene became the most impressive one.


Michelle Ye, Xing Jiadong full of praises for one another with zero NG


Just as Michelle had said, after two months of collaboration, Xing Jiadong and her has built deep and profound tacit understanding, several scenes of filming on the day was very smooth with just a single or two takes, and the filming before had maintained zero NG record.  According to Xing Jiadong, he seldom work with actress, and has even less scenes of romance, but “it’s very comfortable to be acting with Michelle Ye, she is very focused, it is a very valuable.”  Michelle Ye also said, she is ‘too lucky’ to have Xing Jiadong has her partner, they have sparked much chemistry in their scenes, and portrayed a lot more detailed elements in the series, “Before this, Teacher Lin Zhe was here to watch us film, she felt that we were practically bringing to life her grandparents.”


Michelle Ye told Sina Entertainment, that is was not merely between her and Xing Jiadong, the entire ‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’ filming crew is exceptionally close with one another.  ‘According to my experience, everyone’s close relationship adds credits to the filming and outcome of the series.  Did you truly fall in love?  Did you really trickle a tear down or are you merely completing an assignment, audience can tell right away, this cannot be hidden from them.”



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