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'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' completes filming; Michelle Ye, Xing Jiadong ties the knot

Posted by MYR on February 24, 2010 at 9:32 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

24th Feb 2010

Michelle Ye and Xing Jiadong in their wedding room

Michelle Ye Xing Jiadong tying the knot

Xing Jiadong and Michelle Ye

Family Photo


‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’ leading Michelle Ye and Xing Jiadong has finally complete filming recently.  Facing with separation, all the crew and casts were heavyhearted, Michelle Ye and Xing Jiadong who just tied the knot in the series were crying in their room.


On the day of completion, the filming scene was of Gu Xiumei by Michelle Ye tying the know with Mu Tianen by Xing Jiadong, and entering their bedroom.  This should be a very happy event, but right after the last scene take, Michelle ye and Xing Jiadong were in tight hugs with tears, their memories of filming since the beginning and all their experiences, the two were full of emotions and tears.  The happy marriage wedding scene became full of tears, Jiadong was still embracing Michelle even after director’s cue to end the take.


Xing Jiadong and Michelle Ye who got to know each other through their collaboration in ‘Gu Cheng Wang Shi’ have become very good friends through the series.  In the several months, the two have sparked much chemistry to perform very comprehensive acting.  It was said the two leads may be working together again to sing the theme song of the series, the song will be specifically tailored by a renowned composer for them, and is much anticipated.



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