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Michelle Ye transforms into action actress; cuts hair short and runs 7 streets in one breath

Posted by MYR on March 5, 2010 at 10:12 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

05th Mar 2010

Director Dante Lam of ‘The Beast Stalker’, Leon Lai and Richie Ren leading in police-bandit action movie ‘Fire of Conscience’ will soon hit the screens on 1st April.  Besides the two male leads having war zone action scenes, sexy actress Michelle Ye too sacrificed her long hair, becoming the one ‘lady officer’ in the film.


‘Fire of Conscience’ (in Chinese it is literally ‘Fire Dragon’;) title originates from Hong Kong’s fire dragon dance show.  In 1880 mid-autumn festival, there was an epidemic breakout, the people then depended on fire dragon dance to battle with this epidemic.  Director Dante Lam expressed: “Fire dragon dance allowed me to recall everyone has an ‘epidemic’ within them, when your will is weak, it will win over your rationale and conscience, thus I think the significance of fire dragon dance and the people I usually film with matches, a very suitable simile.”


Michelle Ye’s tough appearance in ‘Fire of Conscience’, sacrificed her long hair to become ‘lady officer’


Michelle Ye plays Leon’s assistant in the film as a police officer and is assigned a tough appearance.  She specially cut her years of long hair short, however she did not feel that it was a pity: “I feel that short hair is the best portrayal of a police officer’s style, since I’ve accepted (to play) this role, I will put my best efforts in, long hair can be grown again.”  Meanwhile, during filming, she too has numerous action scenes to accomplish, among them she was to dash seven streets in one shot with Leon Lai, when talked about this, she expressed: “I do workout usually, but I really have no idea how far I actually ran that day, director filmed a few times, he wanted to give audience a longer (running) scene, we ended up running down 7 streets, after we finished the scene, I no longer know where I actually was.”  Towards Michelle’s performance, Director Dante Lam gave her very high praises: “Michelle cut her long hair of several years just for this movie and brought to life a frontline and earnest police officer, she is the few Hong Kong actress who is able to handle war zone and action scenes well.  She used to give the impression of gracefulness with a tad of sexiness, but it seems like she is good with tough too.  After watching ‘Fire of Conscience’, (audience will) definitely have higher regards for her.  Because be it chasing scenes or firing (guns) action scenes, they’re all very nice to watch and you can definitely feel her diligence and efforts in filming.”


Sighing it’s ‘cool to have guns’, praises Leon Lai to be tender, hard to forget ‘admiration’ scenes


Michelle Ye has been using her sexy female image in the past works, when talked about her transformation into a resolute police officer, she was very excited: “it’s definitely very different from my roles in the past, it was more feminine in the past, wearing glamorous clothes, but I like the simplicity of this movie, sexiness is not in what you wear, but what your spirit is, I feel that holding a gun is sexy.”  Talking about her relationship scenes in the movie, Michelle Ye expressed: “She is a weak person in relationship, she admires Leon Lai yet dares not confess and silently helps him with everything, she is a reserved person.”  Talking about her having numerous scenes with Leon Lai, Michelle Ye humbly expressed: “He is a very easy going person, and very nice, tender and delicate towards girls, there were several times when we filmed dangerous scenes, he took care of me well.”



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