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Chin Ka Lok supports old love, buying jewelry

Posted by MYR on March 20, 2010 at 10:49 AM

Source: Eastern Daily

20th Mar 2010

Chin Ka Lok seems to be in a very good mood, and chats endlessly with Michelle Ye


Hong Kong Film Director Association held its 20th anniversary banquet where Gordon Chan, Andrew Lau, Alex Law, Teddy Robin, Chin Ka Lok, Michelle Ye, etc were present.


Chin Ka Lok when asked if he knew that Loretta Lee, his old love, has changed into the jewelry industry, he expressed that he has heard of it, and is happy for her: “It is very hard to start from scratch, I support her. (Buy her products?) Yes, will see how her skill is! (give jewelry to Angela Tong (Ying Ying)?) Give to mother (mama), its double word (their names) too!”


In conjunction of the Hong Kong Film Director Association’s anniversary, the chairman, Gordon Chan, was asked if there will be any special productions?  He said: “Currently preparing for a movie, formed a team with John Chiang and Alex Law, it will most probably be an action movie, because it is marketable and can represent Hong Kong.”




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