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'Fire of Conscience' premier; Vivian Hsu, Michelle Ye the feminine highlight of police bandit movie

Posted by MYR on March 23, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

23rd Mar 2010


Police bandit mega production ‘Fire of Conscience’ held its premier ceremony where director Dante Lam and lead casts Leon Lai, Richie Ren, Vivian Hsu, Michelle Ye and Wang Baoqiang were present in glitters, this is also the very first full crew promotion since the production of this movie.


As the first police bandit mega production of the year 2010, ‘Fire of Conscience’ is about a murder case of a prostitute which stirred quite an enigma.  Leon Lai plays chief detective of heavy crime case team, Man Fong while Richie Ren plays Kei Sir of the drugs investigation team, where the two highly regarded one another and collaborated, however as the truth behind keeps is gradually unveiled, the private lives of the two detectives arises as well, Man Fong’s emotions got uncontrollable, being involved in the mystery, it became hard to draw a line between himself and the enemy, sinking into the case within a case, he found himself struggling in a quicksand of danger…


Vivian Hsu plays Richie Ren’s girlfriend while Michelle Ye plays subordinate of Leon Lai who is secretly in love with him.  At the premier’s press conference, every lead disclosed the behind scenes and filming scenario.  Among them were about female leads Vivian Hsu and Michelle Ye who became the highlight of the filming when they contributed the feminine atmosphere into the police bandit movie.


Michelle Ye full of injuries in the movie; seems too ‘SM’ when out of film!


Michelle Ye whose image in ‘Fire of Conscience’ is tough and tomboyish, instead appeared at the press conference in dazzlingly sexy appearance, charming and fascinating, she was thoroughly feminine… it seemed as though they (Michelle and her role in Fire of Conscience) were two different people.  Towards this, reporters asked (Michelle) why be it Director Johnny To or Dante Lam that they preferred the tougher version of Michelle Ye, she laughed saying: “Maybe because I have a plain appearance, haha.”  At this, Richie Ren who was standing at the side, disagreed: “Michelle is very feminine, I really anticipate acting in a love story movie with her.” “As your confidante right?” Michelle said.  The two shares mutual admiration, the atmosphere at press conference was warm.


On the other hand, Richie said too: “Seeing you injured all over, I thought you like SM.” Michelle replied, “Abusive isn’t it!  Director is too ruthless, not spoiling the female ones even.  Talking about filming action scenes, I seem to get injured every time I film (action scenes), I still have a scar on my thigh, but that is the evidence of my battle won.”  It was said that ‘Fire of Conscience’ will be airing simultaneously in Mainland and Hong Kong on 1st April.


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