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?Fire Dragon? Michelle Ye strives real hard; Wang Baoqiang is 'savior'

Posted by MYR on March 25, 2010 at 10:25 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

25th Mar 2010


Pic1 : Michelle strives hard to film

Pic 2: Wang Baoqiang and Michelle Ye at filming set


Pic 3: Wang Baoqiang and Michelle Ye

Hong Kong explosive action mega movie ‘Fire Dragon’ will soon hit the screens nationwide on 1st April.  At the Hong Kong premier, Richie Ren claims female lead Michelle Ye half sympathizing and half teasing, “Seeing you injured all over, I thought you love SM.”  Michelle replied: “Very abusive right!  The director is too ruthless, not spoiling the female even a little bit.  It seems I get injured everytime I film an action scene, I still have the sword scar (from CA) on my thigh.”  It was on revealed then that Michelle strived no less harder than Leon in ‘Fire of Conscience’.  What was touching for Michelle was that, although she had to strive hard during filming, the entire crew, onscreen or behind scene takes good care of her, including Wang Baoqiang who first came to film in Hong Kong becomes her ‘life savior’.


Because they’re both from Mainland, Michelle Ye and Wang Baoqiang are like old friends at first sight, they become very good ‘buddies’ during their period of filming.  There was once when Michelle had to film a scene where she had to dash down a hill at steepness of 60degrees.  As it was too steep and furthermore she was running too fast, it was impossible to halt herself.  Luckily, Wang Baoqiang who was watching at the side dashed out to catch hold of her, otherwise she would have run into the wall or perhaps into the highway.  Ever since then, even if Wang Baoqiang did not have any filming, he would still be present as Michelle’s ‘bodyguard’.  Michelle Ye laughs saying that the crew actually does enough preparation as safety measures, but that time was a little too dangerous causing Wang Baoqiang to be nervous, however she is very touched by this friendship.


It was disclosed that apart from having to accomplished challenging stunts with the actors, Michelle had to ‘appear ugly’ too, she cut away her long hair to become the police officer.  However, Michelle does not deem cutting away her long hair a sacrifice at all, when director Dante Lam first got her he said a simple phrase “Need to cut short hair.”, and she agreed without thinking twice, causing Dante Lam to be stunned, because it was quite a risk for an actress to suddenly drastically change her appearance.  Meanwhile, Michelle personally felt that she could do all kinds of sacrifices as long as it was for the needs of the film.  She felt that this police officer couldn’t be acted with long hair, “In case of fights, what happens if the hair gets stuck by objects?  Women police officer don’t keep long hair too, its not very practical.”


Recalling the filming of ‘Fire of Conscience’, Michelle felt the most difficult part is the action and explosive scenes.  Director Dante Lam picked Michelle Ye among the crowd of actresses because he deemed her dancing basic will allow her to accomplish the action scenes easier in comparison.  However, for Michelle, she felt the challenge this time was the overall stamina and fitness.  The one explosion scene which left her with deep impression was the one where she had to be ‘blown’ out of the area by momentum into the wall on the other side, the entire scene was accomplished by tying steel wires around her body and then dragged at high speed across the area, when bumping into the wall, the feeling was as though her entire bone structure was crushed, even Leon Lai who filmed the same scene was worried, and checked if she was injured right after.


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