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Sexy Michelle Ye 'overflows' fascinating guests

Posted by MYR on March 25, 2010 at 9:20 AM

Source: Headlines Daily

25th Mar 2010

Richie Ren paying attention to Michelle’s chest ‘overflowing’

Uncle Zhi seems as though he wanted to stick back the movie card for her.

Countless of female celebrities were present at Media Asia’s Movies Premiere the night before last, the sexiest female star must be none other than Michelle Ye who wore a long dress yet revealed half her breasts, when she slightly bends over to join in the cheers, her chests has the effect of overflow, such a ‘risky’ act also won high ‘attention’ from Richie Ren!


When Michelle Ye stood by the backdrop for a group photo, the movie card stuck on her fell to the ground, Liu Kaichi picked it up to avoid her ‘spilling’ over just to pick up, but Uncle Zhi seems as though he wanted to stick it back for Michelle Ye, but hesitated a little and was in time to retract his hand, and then stuck it in front of his own chest.


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