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Leon Lai 'concedes defeat' when Michelle Ye transforms into action actress in 'Fire of Conscience'

Posted by MYR on April 9, 2010 at 9:13 AM

Source: Tengxun Entertainment


9th Apr 2010



'Fire of Conscience' directed by Director Dante Lam and leading Leon Lai, Richie Ren and Michelle Ye has hit the screens on 1st Apr. The movie is about the murder case of a prostitute which stirred a huge enigma. Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye plays a police officer, and will go through life and death with ‘superior’ Leon Lai.


It was revealed that this is the first time Michelle Ye attempts a ‘police officer’ role. For the better portrayal of this role, Michelle cut away her long hair and even trained under a personal trainer on fighting styles few days before the start of filming. When reporter asked of her feeling towards this role, Michelle excitedly expressed, even Director Dante Lam told her she was the one actress who’ve fired the most bullets and has performed up most explosive scenes in the recent two years. A lot of friends in the industry who’ve watched the premier praised her to have performed excellently, but she has yet personally watched the movie. If ‘Fire of Conscience’ has proved her to be talented in action films, she will continue to ‘give all out’.


Michelle’s ‘striving’ performance in the movie has shocked other partners in collaboration. Even movie king Leon Lai frankly ‘concedes defeat’, Leon told reporters: You really can never see Michelle Ye who looks so fragile on the outer is able to burst out such enormous amount of capabilities, she volunteered to accomplish personally several highly dangerous scenes in the movie, not wanting a substitute, she’s even more professional off screen, often studying every action with the action director. I am quite worried initially if she would get hurt , but she always assures us “No problem” each and every time, finally, I treat her as a real police officer.



Source: Sina Entertainment

1st Apr 2010








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2nd Apr 2010





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7th Apr 2010


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