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Michelle Ye: Anthony Wong caused fire when roasting pork; I was nearly burnt to death

Posted by MYR on April 14, 2010 at 11:54 AM

Source: Wangyi Entertainment

14th Apr 2010




Anthony Wong revealed that the filming crew in Mainland is not professional, claiming that he was ‘nearly burnt to death’ during the fire scenes. Michelle Ye who was also casting in the series when accepting an interview with Wangyi Entertainment expressed, Anthony Wong did not film any fire scenes, but there was in fact a fire incident caused by his carelessness when roasting pork, “I nearly died in his hands.” Michelle Ye is currently in Shanghai filming ‘Guo Se Tian Xiang’ series, where the first scene with Hawick Lau started with the latter feeding her medicine, she jokingly said this intimate scene caused her to be infected with flu.


Anthony Wong caused fire when roasting pork; I was nearly burnt to death


Wangyi Entertainment = WY; Michelle Ye = MY

WY: Anthony Wong during an interview in Hong Kong revealed that the filming crew is unprofessional, saying that he was ‘nearly burnt to death’ when filming a fire scene, outsiders are speculating that he meant the ‘Legend of Lady Yang’ filming crew, what do you think about this?


MY: I filmed together with him for that series, he surely did not ‘nearly die’, what a joke, he didn’t film any fire scene. In fact, I was the one who nearly died in his hands.


WY: Can you tell us the details about this incident?


MY: There was one day when he was roasting pork, we were all staying in the same bungalow, he stayed upstairs, while I stayed downstairs. About two in the morning, luckily a friend called me, I got up and wanted to get a glass of water from the living room when I realized it was filled with thick smoke, because the pork he roasted was roasting all the while since after dinner until two in the morning without putting out the fire, I shouted for help, everything was not visible, luckily the crew was just outside, everyone woke up in the middle of the night to put out the fire. I called out to Anthony but he didn’t hear, him and his assistant were deep asleep, later I called him to wake him up. Actually I thought of running upstairs to call him, but the smoke was so thick I couldn’t see anything, and I was thinking if I should call, because it is very dangerous if we call when the gas is leaking, but since there was no other choice, I still called. Maybe he was talking about this incident, but it was him who started the fire.


WY: In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between Mainland and Hong Kong filming crew?


MY: It is not appropriate to generalize together, the filming crews I’ve met so far are very professional, just like the current ‘Guo Se Tian Xiang’ filming crew, I cannot find another more professional crew than this.


WY: Can you evaluate Director Long Xiaogang and his ‘Legend of Lady Yang’?


MY: Actually, I’m only a guest starring in ‘Legend of Lady Yang’, I do not have much screen time. Director Long and his production team is very professional, I personally admire very much on his knowledge in films, history as well as the breadth of his characters (in the series). He can talk in depth naturally on the Tang and Qing dynasties, giving me very deep impression.


WY: ‘Legend of Lady Yang’ will be aired soon, are you confident of its viewing rates?


MY: I stayed with the crew for about over 20 days, I can’t really depict the entire series, I did not see other’s performance and plots. The Lady of Guo I played has some scenes with Anthony and Yang Guozhong, I think these scenes are still satisfactory enough.


Reading script overnight and crying till eyes swollen; playing China version of ‘Chanel’


WY: Can you introduce the role you’re playing in this new series ‘Guo Se Tian Xiang’?


MY: I play a role named Su Hongyu in ‘Guo Se Tian Xiang’, I’ll be playing two roles again, the other role is called Su Yuning. There will be an exchange in their identities in the plot, it is very complicated. Su Yuning is a perfumer master, a bit similar to China’s version of Coco Chanel, but she mysteriously died, and was later revived, after losing her memory, she no longer recognizes her lover as well as her enemies. I cannot reveal too much of the plot, this series, has the logical mystery element besides love and magic.


WY: What was the main element you weighed when accepting this series?


MY: Firstly, Teacher Yuzhen is what appealed to me, his brilliance and high quality of production, be it on the commercial or literary aspect, all these amazes me. The script of this series is the first since my debut which I finished reading in one go overnight, I read right up to half past ten the next morning, I was reading from my computer till my sight blurred, and was dizzy when I got up, but I just could not stop, finished reading the tens of chapters in a night, and even cried till my eyes were swollen, I believe this series will have a miraculous breakthrough in viewing rates, because it has prepared a solid base requirement.


WY: Are you satisfied with your appearance (in the series) this time?


MY: Very satisfied, I have a lot of image, because I play two roles, I have over tens of appearances. There is also an image of me dressing up as a man, the attire is definitely very beautiful and fashionable, I am confident of it.


WY: Hawick Lau and Mikey He (He Shengmin) are deeply in love with you, it must be very enjoyable to play the female lead.


MY: Yes, it is, but ‘I’ am quite pitiful too, when they loved ‘me’, they used ‘me’ to irritate the other at the same time. ‘I’ become evil, they are not only fighting over the perfume recipe and are fighting for the proving of their status. This attracts me very much, one will always want to know who they are, is it your outer appearance, name, character or the love in your heart, what is it that can prove your identity, this is a very in-depth element in the series, the identity of both the girls are very confusing, even I myself can barely tell them apart, when their looks, emotions, love and hate are almost the same at the same point of time, which is ‘me’? Hawick Lau’s love, was it for Su Hongyu or Su Yuning, what was the difference? Our series tells it very clearly, allowing audience to have a whole new perspective on love, identity and the essence of love.


Hawick Lau’s tears dripped into my eyes; Intimate scenes caused flu infection


WY: I hear that there will be a lot of crying scenes in the series, will you use eye drops?


MY: No one uses eye drops in this series, one of the scene that gave me deepest impression was the crying scene of Hawick and I, I was lying down, why he was by the side of my pillow, above me, my eyes were closed, but his tears in fact flowed into my eyes. I daren’t speak, afraid of NG, this is the first time someone’s tears drips into my eyes, it’s quite weird, filming this series really used up a lot of tears.


WY: It’s very unhealthy to act (so many) crying scenes, why do you not consider some shortcuts (eye drops) to finish the acting, why torment yourself?


MY: Torments are expected, Teacher Yuzhen has once said, there is no other bitterness in this series other than the abundance of crying. Most of our crying scenes are usually one take, so it feels exactly like how the characters in the series feel, does not feel tiring.


WY: This is your first collaboration with Hawick Lau, I heard the very first scene itself was very emotional?


MY: Up to now, most of our filmed scenes are on bed, ‘I’ am either sick or in the arms of either of the male leads, a lot of love scenes. It’s ashamed that most of it are limited to very courteous passion. Director likes to get us emotional, but there won’t be successful emotional scenes, it is very meaningful, this series is about very innocent love. The first day of filming, Hawick needs to feed me medicine with mouth, we didn’t know each other that day, and he even had flu, it left me with very deep impression, the script was very meaningful.


WY: Did he infect you with his flu?


MY: Yes, I’m having flu right now.


WY: Do you blame him?


MY: I dare not.


WY: The series include veterans such as Pan Hong and He Saifei, what does it feel like to work with them?


MY: Very honored too, I’m their fans too, they act as my mother in law, the mothers of the two male leads. They are very friendly in person, at work they are very professional, and are so good in acting, we have a lot of splendid scenes together, we have sparked a lot of chemistry.


WY: Do you feel that they’re very daunting; do you feel nervous working with them?


MY: Not really, I’m quite daunting too.



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