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Michelle Ye 'Lady Xuan' in dazzling glory

Posted by MYR on April 16, 2010 at 8:44 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

16th Apr 2010


In 2006, through her outstanding performance in the movie ‘Moonlight in Tokyo’, Michelle Ye was honored the nomination of the Best Newcomer award in the Hong Kong Film Awards. She who was still the fa dan of Hong Kong TVB back then, had already delivered an amazing performance in her debut. Four years later, Michelle Ye is again honored the nomination of the Best Supporting Actress award through her performance in the movie ‘Accident’, making others wonder: How much potential does this girl who looks gentle as water actually has?


She who has never stopped striving in Hong Kong movie industry has now earned Michelle Ye the title among her thousands of fans – ‘Lady Xuan’.


Along the path, ‘Lady Xuan’ has played countless roles, and these varying identities with various personalities, there are none that she portrayed just well, winning audience’ recognition time and again. It is through these roles that she successfully transformed from a first liner Hong Kong TVB actress into Hong Kong popular movie actress.


The road to fame for an actor comprises none other than ‘70% of efforts, 20% of opportunity and 10% of promotion from the reputable ones’. In Michelle Ye’s acting career path, it depended on 90% of her efforts as well as 10% of opportunity. At the eyes of the author, Michelle Ye does possess a beautiful appearance, but is not stunningly gorgeous. Putting aside beauty, we see more of an extraordinary charm and self-confidence of a woman. In 1999, she represented New York to participate in Hong Kong TVB’s Miss Chinese International pageant, winning the hearts of all judges at set, and was crowned winner while winning the ‘Most Classic Beauty’ award as well, evidently proving the irresistible unique charm of hers.


What’s more valuable is that, Michelle without her outer beauty advantage, is still an extremely talented woman without doubt. She was not only once the student of State’s prestigious Wellesley College, but has also once won the title of ‘Junior Nobel award’, emerging champion in ISEF’s Global Youth Science botany contest. It is such experience of hers that allowed her to outshine in the crowd and is forever striving for improvement in her acting career path later on. Joining TVB, Michelle ye quickly becomes TVB’s fa dan after several series such as ‘Gods of Honor’, ‘Eternal Happiness’, ‘Lofty Waters Verdant Bow’, etc. However, she is yet satisfied, and as her acting matures, she later joined Hong Kong’s Media Asia, putting in efforts and sacrifice, getting continuous invitations for collaborations from Johnny To, Herman Yau, Alan Mak, Felix Chong, etc renowned directors. Her outstanding performance in movies as well as recognition in several international film festival has confirmed her as the most glorified actress of Media Asia in the recent years.


The role May Jr. in Hong Kong director, Dante Lam’s ‘Fire of Conscience’ has once again become a breakthrough in Michelle Ye’s career path. In the movie, Michelle Ye perfectly portrayed the ‘battles’ of a front line police officer, for this, she not only cut away her much loved long hair, but was also very absorbed in filming all action scenes, getting injured. The role May Jr. has won recognition from audience, the movie has also broke through the ‘feminine’ image she built in the hearts of audience in the past. Even Director Dante Lam who’ve worked with countless of action actors is full of admiration towards her professionalism and talent, and expressed that he would like to nurture her into the new generation action actress in near future.


On the road from TVB ‘TV Queen’ to movie industry ‘Film Queen’, Michelle Ye has utilized her talent and charm to win the hearts of fussy film critics, as well as winning the recognition of audience – ‘Lady Xuan’ is definitely in dazzling glory!



Michelle Ye confesses ‘Accident’ is a big challenge; pressure of Best Supporting Actress award nomination


Source: Sina Entertainment

15th Apr 2010


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