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Exclusive Interview with Michelle Ye: Michelle Ye confessed filming 'Accident' was a challenge

Posted by MYR on April 16, 2010 at 10:27 AM

Source: Tengxun Entertainment

16th Apr 2010




Michelle Ye = MY; Tengxun Host = TX

TX: Hello all netizens on Tengxun! Welcome to this weeks’ Face to Face. I’m your host Zhu Zhu. Why is our program not shoot in the studio today? We have come to the filming set, why are we here? We are here to visit a filming set, we have a guest with us today, and who could that be? Let us see…


MY: Hello Zhu Zhu! Hello everybody, I’m Michelle Ye.



TX: Hello Michelle! What are you busy working on in Shanghai now, filming new productions?


MY: Right, yes.



TX: Can you introduce it to us in brief?


MY: This film is called ‘Guo Se Tian Xiang’ (literally: Beauty of the Beauties). It is a TV series.



TX: What is the filming progress up to now?


MY: It is filming on the full swing right now, although the weather is very cold, but our filming progress is very smooth.



TX: Do you feel that there is any changes in Shanghai your trip this time around? Because our international expo will be officiated in 17 days time.


MY: I feel that Shanghai has become busier, merrier, and more developed.



TX: On your way here, did you feel inconvenient due to all the road repairs?


MY: Actually, I rarely go out, but Shanghai still gave me good impression.



TX: I feel that although you film in Hong Kong for longer period of time, you still have the looks of a Jiangnan girl, because you’re born in Hangzhou.


MY: Yes, I grew up in Hangzhou, I’m from Hangzhou.



TX: You studied in United States?


MY: Yes.



TX: And you were studying in State’s Wellesley college, college mates with Song Mei Ling right?


MY: Yea.



TX: Do you think the western education in States has somehow influenced your filming these days?


MY: Yes, definitely. The education one gets, what he accepts will influence the perspective from which he views the world with, an entirely different interpretation. Thus, for me, both the eastern and western education allow me to view a matter more comprehensively, and will have a different interpretation when I’m acting too.



TX: Maybe because you accepted the western culture, so you have a broader mindset right?


MY: When I put myself across to witness, for example a segment in a story, such as when we tell about the sacrifice a girl makes for love, in China conventional acting, the eastern culture standard usually has no limits (for sacrifice made), no principle, but for a western love story concept, they usually do not give up their own pride just for love. Taking the balance between these two concepts and integrating them together is because I have had both eastern and western education.



TX: You’ve also mentioned that in different countries, and different regions, there will be different approach in acting, you filmed more often in Hong Kong previously, and now you are progressing in Mainland. Do you feel any difference in your approach filming in these two places?


MY: Yes, I do. The rhythm of life in Hong Kong is faster, more hectic, so when speaking, and thinking, it is at a more rapid pace. If speaking in a more relaxed manner, people will feel that you’re not natural, not only in acting, but also in real life. On the contrary, if acting at such rapid pace in Mainland, talking so rapidly, audience will feel that the acting is too rushing, and unable to keep up with the pace.



TX: In the middle of our interview, Michelle had to reenter the set for filming, thus we will be waiting, allowing Zhu Zhu to do some preparations first.

You’ve changed your attire. You filmed several series such as ‘Central Affairs’ and ‘World’s Finest’ before this which I liked very much. In the recent years, I notice you seem to have gone for the big screens more. What was the reason for such considerations?


MY: Few years back when I was filming ‘World’s Finest’, the producer was Wong Jing. Director Wong Jing told me he wanted to sign me with my current company Media Asia Films Co., hoping that I can film movies. Back then he told me, “See, if you act in TV, you will forever be just an artist (in Hong Kong its called artist), but if you act in movies, you are a big star.” Tempted me that way. (Laughs) Actually every TV actor hopes to progress from small screen to big screen, it is understood. Because I had Media Asia contract, thus I changed to film movies.



TX: I think a lot of Hong Kong actors will choosing a movie, when selecting the script, there are cultural ones, commercial ones, and melodrama ones may have higher quality, but there are not box office guarantees, the commercial ones may have box office guarantees, but may attract a lot of criticism and anger, how do you choose and balance these?


MY: I film both then, haha. (laughs) Actually, I started filming movie as a newbie, basically, any scripts with refreshing plots, challenging ones, I will accept it. If I were to really choose, I feel that melodrama and commercial films are hard to categorize, just like the ones I just finished filming ‘Accident’, ‘Vengeance’, some may feel that it is commercial film, but it has participated in Europe’s creative film festivals, it may be an artistic film, very hard to draw a line, for me, there is only nice to watch and not nice to watch films, no way to categorize as commercial or artistic.



TX: Will you try new things after this, maybe supernatural films, horror films, or comedy?


MY: I wish to film comedy, I think it is very meaningful. Actually I’ve filmed supernatural film before, but it was not shown in Mainland. I think Comedy should be one of my yet attempted area, I can give it a try, because I’m quite comical in real life too. (Laughs)



TX: I see, because Tengxun net has the attention of many directors. Director Lu Chuan has very good cooperation with us, and often watch our program.


MY: Is he going to film a comedy?



TX: Not yet, but both of you can take up the challenge together. (Laughs)


MY: Yes, yes.



TX: Filming so many movies, such as ‘Accident’, it is a new challenge?


MY: Yes



TX: How did you portray the female assassin role in ‘Accident’?


MY: Ah! ‘Accident’ is very challenging, because there was no script when we were filming. It just said that you are all in an assassination organization. Even our names were simply taken based our person, handsome man is handsome man, pretty woman is pretty woman, old man is old man and fat man is fat man. Basically, there is no plot, no segment, the first day, we were taught to play ping pong, we played singles first, I played with them, then it became doubles, perhaps director Cheng Pou Seoi are trying to find the ‘feel’, he and Director To kept discussing on how the plot should progress, it is something thought along the filming process. Like the relationship scene between Louis and I, it is because after the first ping pong scene, when they watched the replay back at studio, they said our gazes contain a kind of admiration, and thus we developed some relationship scenes.


It was the same throughout the filming. Furthermore, this is a logical thinking mystery, we’re trying to solve who the mastermind is, who the murderer is, but because without the actual plot, so even we ourselves and including the directors, we do not know who will be the actual villain, we don’t even ask, and deny to answer to ourselves, he wanted it to progress that way, to continue filming, like a documentary, thus, there are quite some dilemmas when filming. My character was to love Louis, as well as to hate him, but not sure what the final decision of director was at the end. Thus, when filming expression scenes, I need to have both expressions, I cannot be just blank, and cannot be biased to either side, allowing audience to have some hunch, do I actually love him or want to assassinate him, yet there should be no blank expressions, thus you need to study how to have two such extreme expressions together. (Laughs) This is exactly where it challenges us.



TX: Wow, I think that sounds really hard, a host only need one stand, but you people need to keep hopping from one character to another, it’s just so hard!


MY: Right, the need to have both expressions, can’t be expressionless. (laughs) It is a big challenge to us.



TX: I think you actually look like the obedient type of girl, but there is a big gap from the role you acted. Is there any difficulty in portraying the role?


MY: Portraying the role causes me to have split personality, just like the current role I’m playing, it is another one actress playing two roles scenario. The last one too, director seems to like me to play two roles alone, maybe because they realize I have symptoms of split personality myself. (laughs)



TX: Can you leave behind (the role) very quickly? Or are you often very absorbed in them?


MY: I really can’t leave them behind, I have Schizophrenia. (laughs loud) I feel that it is quite meaningful. Because human have different sides (of themselves). If you shoot a film for a few months, and is constantly absorbed in such mood, it is rather boring. If you can alternate between two extreme moods, audience will be interested too. Of course, you will need to analyze and portray it very clearly, otherwise audience will be confused, and unable to make out which role is which.



TX: Actually, I feel that such a ‘split personality’ approach of acting and getting recognition from the audience, this is a motivational recognition for every actor, you will feel that it is worth it. You’ve been nominated in Hong Kong Film Awards through ‘Accident’ this time. Others nominated together with you are Fan Bing Bing, Li Yi Chun, while Fan Bing Bing’s ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ is actually dubbed by you for the Cantonese version right?


MY: I dubbed both Cantonese and Mandarin. Because that role was required to speak in both Cantonese and Mandarin. She speaks Mandarin to Wan Xue Qi, while speaking to Donnie Yen in Cantonese.



TX: The one we watched only spoke Mandarin throughout.


MY: Really? Maybe because our version is Hong Kong aired version, both Cantonese and Mandarin.


TX: Being nominated together with them, because they are all ‘hot topic queens’ in Mainland, do you have confidence in yourself?


MY: Does ‘Hot Topic Queens’ in anyway affect this award? What is the connection to confidence?



TX: Maybe because when they are the hot topic, they get more attention, and more supporters.


MY: I think audience are rather fair and have good judgment, the good or bad of playing a role basically depends on the standard of professionalism. I believe that it is not very much influenced by other topics.



TX: Are you confident with yourself?


MY: I think the confidence is one fifth, because five people are nominated, I’ve watched these movies, and I feel everyone have 20% of chance, we’ve all done pretty well.



TX: The Hong Kong Film Awards become the venue of glittering stars every year, everyone tend to be dressed up at best, and be outstanding, have Michelle prepared any evening gown?


MY: My company has prepared it long ago, the attire was ready a good few weeks before I came to film this series, the sponsors usually prepare it way ahead for you.



TX: Can you reveal to us what you will be wearing then?


MY: It is Dior’s silver evening gown.



TX: You’ll surely be very beautiful then, we have high hopes on you. (laughs)


MY: Thank you, thank you, you’re flattering me too much.



TX: I will get Tengxun netizens to support you


MY: Thank you.



TX: We’ve discussed so much, let’s talk about the International Expo. Currently, the International Expo is at its prime (preparation period). Did Michelle grow up in the States?


MY: I grew up in Hangzhou, studied in the States.



TX: How much do you know about the American Museum?


MY: Don’t know too much about any museum, because I’m too busy, but I’ve seen the photos of the outer China Museum, it’s very unique.



TX: You’ve stayed in the States for so long, what do you think the States can show to the world? Her culture, food, technology or something else?


MY: Show to the world?



TX: That is being the leading one in the world. Because they have a plate of ‘American Spirit’, it is a movie, we’re not too sure what this ‘American Spirit’ is about.


MY: Actually, I was just about to mention this, what a coincident you mention it. It is about American’s spirit towards humanity values, I feel that this is one of the most outstanding culture of the Americans that I absorbed during my study life there, its culture is that be it an individual or an organization, and their perspective towards humanity value. It does not feel that the value of human is measured in monetary wealth, or whatever result (achievement), but rather it comes from the happiness of the process of achieving it. This kind of American spirit is something worth them showing to the world.



TX: I heard from net that Michelle can speak French, is that right?


MY: I’ve forgotten all, only a little.



TX: Because I’m currently required to interview some representatives, I need French at times, but I don’t know how to speak, I only know some like ‘Bonjour’, ‘Salut’, because they sound just like our Chinese saying of ‘Stupid Pig’ (ben zhu), and ‘Kill Ass’ (sha lu). (Laughs) You still remember a little, can you teach me one or two phrases? Teach me one please?


MY: Je m'appelle Zhu Zhu



TX: Je m'appelle Zhu Zhu. What does that mean?


MY: My name is Zhu Zhu.



TX: Oh, I see. Then you should go see the French museum in the International Expo, because the expo has a big French restaurant, and the romantic French wedding in the museum.


MY: Oh, I hope I have time to see it too, it should be very interesting.



TX: You can go for leisure with some friends and family besides the time you spend filming.


MY: Yes, that’s right, will tell the series producer. (laugh)



TX: We were talking about your achievements in filming movies and series just now, I think you once went to be an outdoor host for TVB in 2004 Olympics, is that right?


MY: Yes, it was just like live broadcast assignment.



TX: Will we be lucky enough to see you as the host at the International Expo this year? There will surely be a lot of netizens who are interested.


MY: No one invited me, can I go on my own?



TX: Can you represent Tengxun to host?


MY: Really? Will you guys pay me high?



TX: I think after hearing you say this, you seem to be a better host than I am.


MY: Not really, I’m willing if I’ve the time, don’t think will be a host this year, but if I have the time, I will definitely visit.



TX: It’s okay, it’s only that I’ve heard you’ve got very impressive hosting capability, how is it? Can you just give us a short show?


MY: How? Do you want me to interview you?



TX: We’re now in an entertainment show, you are the host and I am Michelle Ye, try introducing me to the audience.


MY: For me to introduce you, it’s like, ay, she’s beautiful as an angel, as adorable as Sinchan, as smart as Confucius, a very well cultivated beauty, Zhu Zhu, haha. (Laughs)



TX: Michelle oh, Michelle, thank you Michelle for bringing us such a humoring show. We thank you very much for accepting our interview tonight as well.


MY: You’re worked hard too.



TX: Finally, can you give our Tengxun netizens some words?


MY: Netizens who like Tengxun like I do, hope that all of you are in best mood and find happiness online everyday!



TX: Ok, thank you, thank you Michelle, hopefully everyone can give support Michelle and her new films, let’s support her together, thank you!


MY: Thank you everyone!



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