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Michelle Ye wins Best Supporting Actress award in HKFA 2010

Posted by MYR on April 19, 2010 at 10:59 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

19th April 2010



29th Hong Kong Film Awards was held last night, 18th April. Michelle Ye who once failed to bag the Best Newcomer award through her outstanding performance in 'Moonlight in Tokyo' four years ago by just the difference of one vote, this time around successfully won the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards, Best Supporting Actress Award, and was crying onstage, thanking the crowd of people she appreciated along her way venturing into the movie industry, as well as her current company Media Asia Films, while not forgetting to thank her previous company TVB, winning cheering applause from the entire audience. Michelle too mentioned her win this time is the biggest 'accident' (which also means surprise in Chinese) in her life.


Although Michelle was commented to be the hot favorite for Best Supporting Actress award before winning the award, Michelle was still very emotional and flabbergasted upon hearing her name for the award. She was in tears while embracing Director Cheng Pou Seoi of 'Accident' by her side. Upon receiving her trophy, Michelle fought back sobs to deliver her appreciation speech, also the most classic highlight of the HKFA night: "I have a very good director friend who once told me, he said, Michelle, no one will want you to be their female lead, how heartbreaking that was, be it the main lead or the supporting cast, we can be just as happy because we have this role in the movie in our life." Following on, Michelle thanked Lam Kin Ngok and Media Asia Film Co. who brought her into the movies industry, as well as director Cheng Pou Seoi and producer Johnny To, their insistence to give her the chance when everyone else doubted her, as well as the outstanding performance of her good friend, Louis Koo which won the movie much attention and publicity, making 'Accident' the biggest accident (surprise) in her life. Finally, Michelle did not forget to thank her previous company TVB which gave her much support and guidance, winning cheering applause from the entire movie audience.


Although Michelle claimed winning the award as an 'accident' (surprise), as the icon of the new generation female celebrity, she has won the award deservingly. Michelle Ye in 'Accident' not only left audience with deepest impression, her outstanding and detailed performance in the movie has won her praises from movie critiques from all regions. A certain established movie appraiser expressed: Michelle Ye's performance in 'Accident' is exceptionally amazing; she has totally leapt out of her performance style during her TVB times, portraying such a complicated interpersonal role in 'Accident' perfectly, especially for the several scenes between her and male lead, Louis Koo, they not only became the highlight of the movie, she is totally absorbed in the movie, her near perfect performance seemingly to have claimed much 'limelight' of the main lead.


Michelle Ye is a rare extraordinary icon of the Hong Kong movie industry. She is not only once the student of State's prestigious Wellesley College, during her college days, she has also once won the first prize of 'Junior Nobel Award' in ISEF, International Global Youth Science Botany Contest. In 1999, she represented New York to participate in TVB's Miss Chinese International pageant and won the hearts of the judges, winning the crown as well as the 'Most Classic Beauty' award. It is such extraordinary appeal of hers which evidently won their hearts over. Her experience allowed her to be exceptionally determined, delivering performance outshining others in her movie career path. After joining TVB, Michelle Ye rapidly becomes TVB's fa dan after popular series such as 'Gods of Honor', 'Eternal Happiness', 'Lofty Waters Verdant Bow' and many more. Later, Michelle Ye transformed to focus on big screens, signing with Hong Kong Media Asia and was highly promoted by her boss Lam Kin Ngok. Director Johnny To who saw her 'heart' other actresses lack when she was just a 'movie newbie', insisted her to be in two of his movies consecutively, 'Vengeance' and 'Accident'. Both the movies won international recognitions, also bringing Michelle Ye several international film festival nominations, becoming the most glorifying actress of Media Asia in the recent years.

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