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Michelle Ye continues to play her role after winning award; hopes to work with new director in filming 'her' movie

Posted by MYR on April 28, 2010 at 10:14 AM

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28th April 2010



Actress Michelle Ye who has finally won the Best Supporting Actress award in the recent 29th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony, beating opponents such as Li Yichun and Fan Bingbing, etc, her tears onstage moved the audience.She also revealed in between sobs the hard times behind screens as a newbie to the big screen, “I have a director friend who once told me: “Michelle, no one will want you to be their female lead!”How heartbreaking, but movies does not discriminate, be it the leading role or supporting role, every single minor role is very important.”Accepting an interview after the awards, Michelle expressed that she wants to ‘marry’ movies (industry), be it a big role or a small one, she will put in her best efforts for her entrusted role.With the HKFA award label as well as the high promotion by her current Media Asia company, Michelle’s movie career path is deemed to be brighter than ever.Besides release of her new movies on triad society ‘Once a Gangster’ and Pang Ho Cheung’s ‘Dream Home’, as well as another action movie collaboration with Director Cheng Pou Sui of ‘Accident’, Michelle Ye will be participating in a new director’s production.It is revealed that this movie is half her biography, telling about one day of happenings of a Mainland girl who comes to Hong Kong.


According to introduction by Michelle Ye, it was quite a ‘drama’ how she got to accept filming the movie of this new director, the director and her got to know each other in an event a few years back, where the director self-introduced that she came to Hong Kong for an advanced filming course, and personally likes Michelle Ye, hoping that they have the chance to collaborate upon graduation, and Michelle left her contact number for her back then.A few years later, she really got a script from this director, and really likes it upon reading, and accepted the contract invitation immediately.When asked if she worries about the drop in her value as she had just won the HKFA best supporting actress award, yet accepts a low investment production of a new director, Michelle Ye says any newbie are doubted initially including herself, however, her mentor Johnny To and good friend Louis Koo gave her much support, thus she totally understands the hardships of a newbie’s debut, and is willing to help any talented directors with her gratefulness.She personally likes the story of this script a lot, the story is about a Mainland girl who comes to Hong Kong and her experience and happenings within 24 hours, the plot appeals to a Mainlander like her who comes to Hong Kong for career progression, and she has discussed with the director too to add more personal experience and emotions into the script.



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