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A Date with Him: Ekin, Jordan; Old Gangsters Revives

Posted by Kim on May 28, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Source: Cheng Pao

28th May 2010

Michelle daydreams to be 'Chan Ho Naam's' girlfriend


Michelle Ye expressed, she had to film kissing scene with Jordan on the first day of filming, but the most thrilling one is none other than the scene to grab Jordan's lower part, she laughed saying: "When I first got the script, director said this part will not be filmed. But later he said its needed, and thus (Jordan) stuffed a big packet of tissue paper, so I actually only touched the tissue. (Is it awkward to film?) Quite ok." Working with Jordan and Ekin this time, Michelle smiles saying, she used to adore the 'Young and Dangerous' movies in the past, and even daydreamed to be Chan Ho Naam's (by Ekin Cheng) girlfriend, 'Sai Sai Laap' (by Gigi Lai), reporter laughed at her that her relationship now is with Jordan, not Ekin, Michelle laughed heartily saying: "So long it's the same crew, it's good enough!" Speaking of Ekin's worries that 'Young and Dangerous' movie fans will be disappointed when they watch 'Once a Gangster', Michelle Ye said: "I don't worry, for me, this is a whole new story, a bonus in addition, because I did not join the parts in the past."


Source: Ming Pao

27th May 2010


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