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'Choy Li Fut Fist' begins filming; Wang Baoqiang and Michelle Ye perform first onscreen kiss

Posted by MYR on June 2, 2010 at 10:52 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

2nd Jun 2010


The 'Ip Man' series has successfully promoted China kungfu, on 2nd Jun, the filming of 'Choy Li Fut Fist' begins filming, lead casts includes, Wang Baoqiang, Michelle Ye, Ng Mangtat, Liu Hailong, etc.  Male lead Wang Baoqiang will play highly skilled martial art master for the first time, the movie is 'full of romance fate' and has kissing scene with beauty Michelle Ye, where both of them will be performing their first onscreen kiss.


Discovering 'Choy Li Fut Fist'; Wang Baoqiang hits till hands bruised


'Choy Li Fut Fist' is lower profile in comparison with of the same era southern martial art, 'WingChun' and Wong Feihong, Bruce Lee.  Choi Li Fut boxing is founded by Chen Xiang, of Xinhui, Guangdong in 1836, and has a history of 170 years to date.  The boxing art has a widespread influence, and has the label of 'North School of Southern Fist'.  This movie is very much supported by several association succeeding the Choy Li Fut fist.

Wang Baoqiang from Shaolin temple will play a martial art movie for the first time, is very excited and happy, expressing that it looks easy in the past when he watches others film, but it is not simple at all when he films it, to coordinate the angle fo the camera, everything needs a lot of hardwork.  Wang Baoqiang has a lot of fighting scenes with Tse Miu in the movie where Wang's hardwork earns much praises from his partner.  Tse Miu revealed that Wang is very earnest in practicing the fist, both of them practice till their hands are bruised.

Wang Baoqiang, Michelle Ye plays couple, golden label supporting actors gathered to support


'Choy Li Fut Boxing' is a modern time, martial art comedy movie, besides martial art, the movie is not lack of romance.  Wang Baoqiang and Michelle Ye who've worked together before in 'Fire of Conscience' will be collaborating again, this time around playing a couple.  Speaking of her impression towards Wang Baoqiang, Michelle Ye revealed: "Too dazzling, too adorable, we've been looking forward to working together again since our last collaboration last year."  Michelle Ye also exposed on site that she will be having kissing scene with Wang Baoqiang in the movie, will be performing first onscreen kiss, causing Wang Baoqiang to be slightly embarrassed.  In fact, Ng Mangtat who plays Wang Baoqiang's father was more open, teasing Wang Baoqiang that he could demonstrate it with Michelle Ye if he does not know how to act it.

Besides Ng Mangtat, 'Choy Li Fut Boxing' also invited Simon Lui, Wong Yatfei, Gabriel Wong Yatsan, etc golden label supporting actors of Hong Kong to join the crew to build a strong base of comedic elements.  Meanwhile, the movie also invited HKFA's Best Actress, Kara Hui to accept a role different from the past.



Source: Wangyi Entertainment


Newly honored HKFA Best Supporting Actress, Michelle Ye, plays female lead in 'Choy Li Fut Fist', she will be playing a martial art sportsperson.  Cheng Tung revealed that Michelle cut her hair short for this role, "Did you notice Michelle Ye's hairstyle today, it was cut short for this role.  Doesn't she look more sophisticated now?  Michelle's role in the movie needs to be more modern, has to be different from the past."


As for the couple that Wang Baoqiang and Michelle Ye will be playing in the movie, Cheng Tung revealed, their relationship begins from a fight till falling in love, "Wang Baoqiang and Michelle Ye begin fighting after some misunderstanding initially, Michelle also got hurt in the fight.   Later whent heir misunderstanding was resolved, they became a couple.  Tse Miu initially was going after Michelle Ye, but after Baoqiang's appearance, Michelle fell for him and Tse Miu had to bow out."  As for if this couple will have passionate scenes, Cheng Tung laughs saying "They will have kissing scene, it should be their first onscreen kiss."


Source: Sina Entertainment

03rd Jun 2010

"Have always wanted to work with Wang Baoqiang, didn't expect our first collaboration will be his first love."  Michelle Ye who just won this year's HKFA Best Supporting Actress, when revealing both Wang Baoqiang and her roles, caused the entire media at site to be surprised.  What was more stunning was that both of them have kissing scene, "I heard there is a kissing scene added in the script." 

When asked of her impression towards Wang Baoqiang, Michelle highly praised him saying: "After 'Fire of Conscience', we really wanted to work together again.  Baoqiang is a very gentle and very delicate person, he is very suitable to play in a romantic movie." Baoqiang's martial art foundation has yet been used since his debut in the industry, 'Choy Li Fut fist' will allow him to demonstrate his confidence.  Although Michelle Ye has never learnt martial art before, her foundation in ballet since young should help her deal with the kungfu stances well.  For this role, Michelle also cut her hair short, to appear modern and sophisticated, "If the audience like it, I might just keep it short."



Source: Xinkuai Paper

03rd Jun 2010




Source: Tengxun Entertainment



Source: Apple Daily

04th Jun 2010


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