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Michelle Ye - Should have been a scientist

Posted by MYR on May 22, 2015 at 12:00 PM



Source: http://ent.ce.cn/news/201505/22/t20150522_5438129.shtml

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

22 May 2015


Her academic brilliance is such that she becomes a pride in any industry she ventures into. She may undoubtedly be the most educated and highest IQ woman in the entertainment industry, also as beautiful.


You may have seen more than enough of her romantic tales, but the moving story behind this rare youthful gem deserves much more curiosity.


Beauty and brains, it is adequate to label Michelle Ye so. Even before our interview session, I was shocked learning her impressive education history, from the top junior student in Hangzhou, to her senior high award of 'Nobel Junior', ISEF's Global Youth Science Botany champion, the valedictorian of New York city upon her high school graduation, and with her straight As results, she was accepted into several top league colleges. She finally chose the Wellesley College, one of the Seven Sisters with full scholarship. This college produced renowned icons such as Song Meiling, Bingxin, Hilary Clinton, etc. Considering her father's advice, she took 'Political Science', for her future in politics and law. It is quite a mystery how this beauty did it!


Growing up, her first teacher is her best start. Since young, she is under the strict demands of her mentor, it was quite tiring. In her junior days, her teacher not only demanded her to be first in all subjects, she will also arrange some 'extra homework' for her. She recalls going through newspapers late past midnight, still, she chose to obey, and still vividly remembers how this teacher visited her in one of the coldest nights in winter. Gradually, it nurtured her exceptional learning habit, "She also nurtured my courage and sincere spirit." These proved more and more precious in her life later on.


Majoring in biology and chemistry in her senior high, she participated in her tutor's research in 'Correlations of electromagnetic fields and plants', and won the first place in the prestigious ISEF Global Youth Science and Botany contest. This was then nominated as the 'Nobel Junior' award among the high school, where 80% of the judges are comprised of Nobel award winners. When on her flight towards the competition venue, only did she realize that her teacher did not bring her poster, she thus assumed it a vacation, and unbeknownst to her she still won the first place.


A female scientist queried her doubts when Michelle was presenting her topic, commenting that this theory has long ago failed to be established. Young Michelle then replied, "Hundreds years ago, top scientist also said that the world is square." She was actually dozing off when she won the award, and only jumped to her reflexes when the spotlight came to her. The female judge later told her why she won first place, because they were looking for future candidates in winning Nobel awards, with potential spirit of Nobel awards.


Michelle Ye concluded herself as an imaginative person, striving for greater mentality. She does not study hard, but she pays focused attention in class, and does her homework seriously, the remaining time is for her fun. She also participates in some cooking competition and emerged champion too. Others' dishes were very sophisticated, but hers was creative, where she used two eggs and decorated them into two rabbits, winning first visual impression, and it was as delicious as it looks as well.


Of course, there are issues as well. For example, such extravagant knowledge and emotional intelligence of hers in this entertainment circle surely faces with some challenges? She said, "Surely there are, but you have to have faith that the majority of people are inclined towards positivity, and knowledge is power, it will bring positive influence."


When asked what her beauty recipe is, surely she has some scientific approach; the answer in fact couldn't be simpler. "A healthy diet, adequate rest and reading." She has the routine like the army, waking up at 6 daily, and sleeping at 11 sharp at night, she does not go to night clubs, and does not do any plastic surgery, besides having a good beauty base, it only requires a healthy lifestyle later on, your mentality and spirit are connected, keep them young. "Reading is actually the secret recipe too, because it allows you to learn more about the world, and you will realize that it is a truly enriching world, and this will somehow affect your looks."


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