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Paving her own future, has always been her strength

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Michelle Ye’s Honorable Return! Is it too much of exaggeration? The story is: She used 10 million RMB to invite Raymond Lam to film ‘Loved in the Purple’ series, and then sold the series to TVB where it was premiered on Jade HD channel, and later aired in Mainland, where it became a win-win situation for all. Debuting from TVB, and returning to the TV industry today, where her role has been promoted to a producer, she is now at level with her debut company.


Using ‘honorable return’ to describe Michelle Ye, isn’t too appropriate to begin with, as her own words goes: “I am actually from Mainland.” Michelle Ye described: “I learnt from a great teacher, and returned after a greater lesson, TVB is my mentor, most of my TV knowledge is from TVB, this collaboration is a form of my gratitude (to TVB).”


With her parents divorced at her tender age of 9 years, Michelle Ye lived on her on before the age of 16 in the States and earned her own living expenses. Paving her own future, has always been her strength.


Ambitious towards her career


Born in Hangzhou, and migrated to the States at the age of 10, and later winning the Miss Chinese International Pageant in 1999, Michelle Ye acted in several series, where she was one of the female in the previous ‘Triumph in the Skies II’ series which has just completed airing. In 2005, she moved into the movies industry and won the ‘Best Supporting Female’ award. We’ve often heard of Hong Kong actors who filmed in Hengdian, but she is in fact the Vice President of the Hengdian Filming Association, and also the Chairman of the Zhejiang Dongyang Bohai Entertainment Co, director of CHS Media, etc.

It seems, Michelle Ye is always a winner. “There was an opportunity coincidentally, and I took it, for example, changing from TVB to filming movies in Media Asia, I was invited by Wong Jing and Peter Lam, and was TVB’s management was very supportive, thus I went ahead; as for entering Mainland market, I am actually from Mainland, returning to Mainland is a convenient matter.” She denied being someone who planned her every step, but in her career progression, she is definitely ambitious enough to work towards perfection.


Michelle Ye honestly said, being an actress isn’t her final goal, “Since entering the industry, I never felt it was something too great being an actress, and we are constrained in our contribution towards the entire filming industry. The producers are those who are really motivational and influential in this industry. I wished to do something influencing others and impacting myself, at the very least, my audience muse be able to be slightly enlightened through our productions. Honestly, being an actress is enough to feed my family and I, you have only lived by going through the ups and downs in life. She no longer talks about acting skills, but about the responsibility of the society, and motivation and inspiration towards the industries’ progression.


High requirements towards herself



Michelle’s eyes sparkle as she speaks of her career. She explained that when she invested in her first series ‘The Ninth Widow’, she personally flew to Shanghai to meet up with famed author Yan Geling to discuss the script, and used more than two years to assemble her crew, from seeking her casts, directors and crews, up to meetings with government bodies, it is obvious she is enthralled in her work. “It is a competitive market in Mainland, only a third of the series filmed are aired, where our first series is aired by Zhejiang TV, this is quite an achievement, being among the top three channels in China.”


She said, she could only do so much back when she was just an actress. Being a producer, she first experienced, it seems there is so much fun in attire preparation, image modeling, script discussion and etc. “When I was still in school, my family always required me to come out first in every exam, this gradually made me to set high requirements for myself. Although it seems trivial then, it made me to strive towards perfection in everything I do, and it is how I arrived to where I am today. For example the great icons in the world never realized their greatness, they only strived their best in every matter they do which seemed too trivial to others.” With her parents divorced at her tender age of 9 years, Michelle Ye lived on her on before the age of 16 in the States and earned her own living expenses. Paving her own future, has always been her strength.


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