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 :: International Staff ::

Scarlet Ng

 -Hong Kong-
Nina Ma

Nicole W
Kathy Lim
Rain Lee

Eunice Goh

-United Kingdom-

-United States-
Kim Le

:: International Volunteers ::

 -United Kingdom-
Niki Li

-United States-
Lucy Huang

Hai Yen

 If you're interested to join us, please send us an email through 'Contact Us'. Thank you in advance for your support and effort! 




Michelle Ye's Realm (MYR) started out as the youngest Michelle Ye's site, most likely the only English Michelle Ye site to be established in 2006, just after she left TVB to Media Asia.

Founded in September 2006, the establishment of MYR site was initiated by the apparent lacking of Michelle's English resources despite her having a number of overseas fans.  The fact is that her news was available, but majority only in Chinese.  Thus, despite it being significantly tough task, MYR site finally made its first affirmation for expansion when an official domain name (michelle-ye.com) was bought and registered for a period of 5 years on 11 September 2006

The first MYR site then underwent major reconstruction and revolved into the second MYR site, improving greatly in the speed, concept and design.  Due to high demands of news translation from overseas fans, MYR site was unofficially opened, with most sections unavailable, providing mainly Michelle's latest news.

However, even the third layout of MYR site was never intended to be the long term site.  Majority of fans never realized that MYR aimed for a higher goal, to provide a permanent resource, a stronger bridge between international fans to Michelle.  Thus, MYR team never officially opened the site, patiently waiting for the most appropriate time – 14th February 2007. 

As devoted as most of MYR staffs are, the entire team (initially in 2006), unfortunately resides all over the globe but Hong Kong / China.  Thus, it is quite impossible for MYR to get direct resource of Michelle without the assistance of Michelle's fans in Hong Kong / China.  MYR thus established connections with Michelle's most prominent organizations, such as Dong Ren Xin Xuan.  The staffs and fans of the site have greatly bridged our connections towards Michelle, willingly helping in any activities MYR organizes.  For that, we would like to extend our utmost gratitude.  In 2008, we are fortunate enough to finally welcome on board our very own first HK staff.

November 2010 marked another significant milestone for MYR when the second domain name www.michelleye.net was purchased along with major revamp works done in stages for an improved and enhanced platform. MYR now resides in a faster, more reliable and accessible host and can be accessed at two (michelle-ye.com & michelleye.net) addresses!

Today, MYR presents you the permanent international website, hoping to vanish the geometrical distance between fans and Michelle.  This realm welcomes all fans – of every ethnic, at any location, of any age – to unite with us as a family.  Although we're currently only established in English, we should be able to guide you to your comfortable preference of language for Michelle's resources.  Our Passion Has No Boundaries – as   long as you're willing to explore, the Realm promises more as we journey down the path in pace with Michelle Ye. 

MYR Team
Our Passion Has No Boundaries
2006 - 2015



Should you have any queries regarding any activities / Michelle / MYR, you may contact our representatives nearest to your location.  For locations not specified, please contact our General International Representative.  They will be more than happy to help you out!



-Australia & New Zealand-
Scarlet Ng

-Hong Kong & China-
Nina Ma

-Malaysia, Singapore-
Kathy Lim

-UK & Europe-
Niki Li

-US & Canada-
Kim Le

Hai Yen

Rain Lee





Main Site

Name: Michelle Ye's Realm
Domain: www.michelle-ye.com

Collaboration Site(s)

Name: Dong Ren Xin Xuan 动人心璇
Domain: http://www.michelleye.cn/


Name: Michelle Ye's Realm Forum
Domain: http://michelleyerealm.proboards.com/  

Name: Michelle's Fiction Realm (Discontinued)
Domain: www.fiction.michelle-ye.com

Name: Michelle Miracle (Discontinued)
Domain: http://www.michelleye.org/forum/index.php


Support: MYRsupport2@gmail.com
International Representative: alyrain@gmail.com

Viewing Compatibility

Browser: Chrome, Firefox
Resolution: 1078 x 728



Michelle Ye's Realm website, forum and networks will thereafter be referred as MYR.

Section 1: Security Safeguard
You will not verbally / physically / electronically / in any way cause any defamation to MYR or Michelle Ye Xuan.
You will not negatively influence MYR including but not limited to hacking / spamming / spreading harmful contents etc.
Impersonation of Michelle Ye / admin / staff in any part of MYR is a capital offense and deserves no second chance. 

Section 2: Registration & Account
Do not register multiple accounts on a single e-mail address.
We strongly recommend for one account registration per user to avoid accounts redundancy. 
If you've accidentally registered multiple accounts, do inform the staff / admin of your extra account to be deleted.  Multiple accounts, especially registered under the same e-mail will cause security problems for your account.

Section 3: Information Extraction & Sharing
3.1 All information on MYR may be reposted with proper & visible crediting.  Proper crediting includes 3 vital details:
MYR site name: Michelle Ye's Realm
The person who made the information / material available.  If this is unavailable, please replace with MYR site name. 
Original Link:
The exact link where you found the information / material on MYR.  Please take note that the original link that MYR credits her sources differs than the original link that you (MYR extractor) should post.  Your original link should be referred to where you've taken your information from MYR (not where MYR got the source).

E.g. of crediting format: (common)
Credits: Person @ michelle-ye.com (Michelle Ye's Realm)
Original Link: (insert exact link of information on MYR here)

E.g. of crediting format: (In the case the originator is not stated)
Credits: Michelle Ye's Realm @ michelle-ye.com
Original Link: (insert exact link of information on MYR here)

Information on restricted pages (pages that can only be viewed when logged in) can only be extracted with consent from MYRSupport2@gmail.com.
Should you repost any information / graphics / resource from other site, please credit them appropriately. 
You will not spread negative / illegal contents that are not approved by the MYR.
Repetitive advertisements and spamming in MYR is a serious offence.

Section 4: Interaction & Relations
4.1 Please obey all the guidelines / conditions set by MYR team when participating in any functions / activities. 
Just as how MYR team takes your best interest into our account, you should take our best interest into your account.
Ask when you're doubtful – send us a query through Contact Us or directly contact our support team at MYRsupport2@gmail.com.  We will get back to you within 48 hours.  If you have not receive any response after 48 hours, you can send another request, or post your problem in the Forum > Welcome Realm > Help & Queries board.   
4.4 Please respect all other members and staffs at all times.
4.5 Do not stir any riot / sensitive issues discussions.

Section 5: Offenses & Penalization
Every member reserves the right to 2 offenses before MYR team evaluate the necessity to blacklist / permanently ban the mentioned, with exception of impersonation offense that will earn immediate banning. 

Section 6: Utility Optimization
MYR welcome all dynamic and constructive discussion in our forum.  Please use reasonably readable / understandable English spellings.  
Feel free to utilize the simplest way of communication with other fans in MYR but please do not flood with insignificant messages
All fans are welcomed to socialize in MYR lounge.  Please maintain and conducive and friendly environment, do not stir sensitive issues.
When chatting with Michelle, please respect her privacy boundaries.
All fans may leave constructive messages to Michelle / MYR team / other fans but please do not attack / use abusive languages on others.  Inappropriate messages will be deleted and you will be held responsible for the act.



(1) Is MYR the official website of Michelle Ye?
NO, we are solely a fan-based established website, although Michelle has interacted with MYR staffs and is aware of MYR's establishment. Michelle has no official website to date.

(2) Why can't I view the Autobiography / Gallery / Studio page(s)?
For security reasons, some sections of MYR are restricted to MYR members only.  You need to be logged in before you can view these pages.

(3) Can I submit news / upload photos / videos?
Absolutely! You're more than welcome to contribute any Michelle-related information to us to ensure our website is rich with information. All information will appear on website after staff approval. Other materials non-related to Michelle can be shared in Lounge / Forum.

(5) Can I join as a staff?
Everyone is more than welcomed to join to do anything from jobs as light as monitoring members interactions and deleting spams or heavier jobs such as translations, graphic designing, depending on your voluntary availability.

Have some questions that are not here?  Send your questions / doubts through our Contact Us form.






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