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Michelle Ye: From Crowned Beauty Pageant to Movie Screen Model Actress

Posted by Kim on June 6, 2010 at 9:30 AM

6 Jun 2010 - Michelle Ye: From Crowned Beauty Pageant to Movie Screen Model Actress

Michelle Ye: From Crowned Beauty Pageant to Movie Screen Model Actress

Source: Xin Xi Times

6th June 2010

On 18th April 2010, at Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony, when Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yu announced Michelle Ye of 'Accident' as winner of Best Supporting Actress, this Hangzhou girl was filled with tears, crying so emotionally onstage that her expression seemed distorted, her voice was different… but she felt that such a 'condition' was in fact a 'calmed down' version of herself.  Because of movie, Michelle found the passion to live in Hong Kong alone, and the motivation to struggle forward.  In fact, Michelle Ye has just entered the movie industry for merely three to four years, but she has become the recognized role model actress in the industry, she said this is because she met 3 men who have brought much influence into her movie career, namely, Lam Kin Ngok, Johnny To and Louis Koo.


'De-motivating' director friend

"Upon hearing that I've won the award, I was suddenly very emotional, but I calmed down very much when on stage.  I told myself that I must control my emotions and have to think properly of who to thank and must not leave out anyone."  Michelle Ye felt the crying self that everyone saw was a calmed down version of herself, and she has thought of what to say if she won the award, also what to say had she lost,  "Everything prepared seemed unreal, it is also a lie to my own experience.  I only wanted to really experience the moment, thus I've constantly stopped myself from thinking if I can win the award or not."  As for if she did leave out anyone she wanted to thank, Michelle said "No," in much relief, "I was really nervous that time, because the award I've won is mostly due to contribution of others."

She revealed that she received more than 300 texts after winning the award, the first text message was from Leon Lai.  "His message is very simple, just congratulating me."  Meanwhile the text message from good friend Pang Ho Cheung left her with deep impression, "He said, Michelle Ye, I definitely want to use you as my female lead, I want to prove the words of that director friend that "No one will use you as female lead." wrong."  Indeed, Michelle's first words upon receiving the awards was: "There was once a good director friend of mine who said, "Michelle Ye, no one will want to use you as their female lead."  Michelle is unwilling to reveal the name of this director friend, "Actually, the same time he said these words, he looked me up to be female lead.  I was thinking, if he said so to purposely want me to be grateful to him."  She told reporters, the director was not kidding when saying those words, "But I was not angry, I felt that my life is very sufficient with just movie (career) as the lead."

As for if she spoke of these words to that director after winning the award, Michelle laughed saying, "He congratulated me, we often meet,  but we did not bring it up, I feel that he probably has forgot all about it.  But I will always keep it in my heart, I'll wait for the day he wins the Best Director Award, and I'll provoke him with that then."


Warrior Johnny To

Michelle Ye said, her emotion before and after winning the award was mainly grateful.  "I've received too much of favor and grace from them.  I've gained friendships and kindness from this movie, found the best mentor and friends."  Johnny To is among the people she wished to thanked most.  Michelle Ye when first progressing towards the big screens from TV station, was very much doubted and not recognized, "My impression was after the batch of senior such as Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau and Anita Yuen, although there are countless of Hong Kong actresses who walked towards the big screen from TV screen, none were however very successful, and I am among them, thus everyone doubts me.  In Hong Kong, movie and TV screens are very much independent of one another; most people feel movies are of better prestige."

However, Johnny To was very bold in insisting to use Michelle Ye, "We did not know one another before, but he came looking for me."  As for someone claiming Johnny To's decision to be very 'risky', Michelle Ye did not agree, "I feel that he is a reputable master, those actors who were mould by him are not all big stars, Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Simon Yam…  But not much impression on the actresses."  Michelle Ye expressed that Johnny To has once asked her if she knew why he wanted to use her, "He said, he does not read Hong Kong gossips, but feels that I am different from others.  'Accident' has no script, a lot of Johnny To's movies are without scripts, he began to understand me, and know me in the progress of filming, and relied on me to portray this role."  Johnny To also lightly emphasized on Michelle's win of this ward, "He said this award is a very small portion, it is only the beginning, only the bit of what others have known be for years.  He said, winning the award or not, he has not changed his opinion on me."

In 2009, Michelle Ye went to Cannes and Venice Film Festival through the movies 'Vengeance' and 'Accident', the recognition abroad was excellent.  "Such recognition were surely mostly because of Director To.  He is a very respectable senior in life, just like my father, he and his wife would ask me over for a meal.  Working in the movie industry is just too perfect, it gives me a career and brings me family members.  I feel that Director Johnny To is like a warrior who loves to see justice is done everywhere.  Thus, his movies are mainly about justice, his favorite movie is 'Seven Knights, Five Righteous'. 

Michelle Ye felt that her real idol is Johnny To, "The career as an actress suits me most, until one day if there is no movie that suits me and that the audience is unwilling to watch me anymore, I will go and become a reviewer, become a fan, become a crew behind the stage.  I will be in this industry for my whole life, just like Johnny To, he will not leave for life, I admire such resoluteness."


'Bo Le' Lam Kin Ngok

In 1999, Michelle Ye participated in Miss Chinese International pageant and won the crown as well as 'Most Classic Beauty' award, gaining fame overnight.  In September that year, Michelle Ye signed as an artist into TVB, where 'Gods of Honor' was her debut series production.  In 2004, 'World's Finest' brought the change in life for Michelle Ye, 'I was replacing someone because the female lead could not make it.  The producer of the series was Director Wong Jing, he was with Lam Kin Ngok's company back then."  Later, Lam Kin Ngok found Michelle Ye, "I couldn't quite believe it then, before making the decision to leave, I asked Mr. Lam and Director Wong Jing, if I could make it.  They told me, "You have no experience, but we do, trust us".  Some people say, now that I've won an award, I'm somewhat recognized.  Lam Kin Ngok said, "When I signed you, I made sure you could win an award.", but I've never felt that result is the measuring standard, for me, the process in fact, is."

Michelle Ye expressed her utmost gratitude towards old company, "TVB is very good, they've known long beforehand that I will leave, but yet gave me several chances, Lok Yi Ling was very nice towards me, what's more, 'World's Finest' is TVB's efforts to let me work with director Wong Jing.  Without TVB, I can never have the chance to change path towards the movie screen, thus TVB has good sights."  What was more meaningful was that, Michelle Ye's other mentor was in fact TVB's producer Poon Ka Tak, who graduated from the same training class with Johnny To, "I've never thought that both my mentor are in fact classmates."

As for the saying that TVB artists go through very tough survival period, Michelle Ye did not directly respond, "There are so many artist, definitely the competition is steep.  It depends on how you look at the matter, for me, I learnt and gained all solid acting basics from TVB, they've helped me to where I am today, it is a very good big family."  What if you've stayed on with TVB?  "I'll most probably be like most of my colleagues, like Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, etc, we are from the same batch, so if I've stayed, I should be somewhere similar."


Senior Louis Koo

Because of 'Accident', Michelle Ye got to know Louis Koo, the two became fast friends.  "After I was nominated, the first person who said I'll definitely win it was Louis Koo.  Actually, the significance before winning an award is no less than the motivation after winning it.  My friendship with Louis Koo, Johnny To, Lam Kin Ngok is built over quite a brief period.  Their influence towards me is deepest, several matters, I discuss with them, I do not only talk about movies with Louis Koo, we talk about life too, he is very straightforward, very trustworthy."

Speaking of Hong Kong's movie industry, the actor's role model is none other than Louis Koo, Michelle Ye expressed her agreement too, "He is a role model, and has mould me into the path as well."  Speaking of Louis Koo working ten days in a row to film a movie and ended up with high fever, yet he insisted to continue filming the program, Michelle Ye revealed saying, "Actually he is often in such situation, he has overworked his body for a long time and is quite weak.  But he too has taught me the remedies for good health, told me to drink some herbs."  She expressed she needs to 'return one favor to Louis Koo', "Hopefully we can work together again, maybe the sequel of 'Accident', actually, he is the soul in 'Accident', I'm quite sorry that he was not nominated.  Hong Kong actors usually have to work hard for several years before winning an award, I believe Louis Koo will win on definitely, but I do wish that the movie he win an award with, is one with me."

Besides Louis Koo, Richie Ren is too Michelle Ye's good friend, "He is different from Louis Koo, he is more concern of my personal life, often matchmaking me.  He loves to promote people, the actress who played his wife in 'Accident' was also promoted to his friend."   However, Michelle Ye and Louis Koo shares the same opinions, feeling there is no time and energy to care for family, "Some people say that I am quite productive, but Louis said it is normal.  I too feel that I have not been in the movie industry too long, this production rate is the right rate to help me improve with quantities, and then get the qualities.  Besides the current 'Choy Li Fut Fist' I'm filming, I will be having five movies and one series to film this year."


Michelle Ye's Obstinacy

Queuing to watch movie, damaging umbrella and self under the sun

Using black and white screen handphone, bought spares in fear of obsolescence

Michelle Ye migrated to the states at the age of 11, she has no clear idea as to what she wants to be when she grows up, "Little girls tend to daydream, but have never seriously thought about it.  I studies biochemistry in the first place, but later studied politics."  She felt that there are advantages that science student who becomes actor, "An actor must be sensible, it must be logical, wild acting simply won't do.  Science students tend to have clearer picture of logical reasoning."  Michelle's speech revealed her passion towards movies, asking what she would do if she isn't filming, she said, then she would watch movies, "There was once over 200 movies were airing in a movie festival, I watched over 50 of them."  Michelle Ye also recalled how she queued to watch movies in Cannes, damaging her umbrella for standing under the sun for hours.  These funny memories may sound silly but is in fact an 'honor' for Michelle Ye.

Michelle Ye is definitely obstinate, be the movies or the things in her life.  Michelle Ye doesn't tweet, because her handphone has no such function, and got her assistant to allow the reporters have a good look at her handphone, a Nokia black and white screen handphone, model 1110. "I've used it for 6 years, I have 2 spares at home in case they become obsolete.  Gao Yuanyuan who saw me few days ago, yelled at me, "You're still using this handphone!"  Michelle Ye said, "I've very obstinate and loyal.  Some people say I'm old-fashioned, is this a bad thing?"

Michelle Ye expressed, her parents and grandparents are in Hangzhou, but she does not have much time to go back Hangzhou.  She has not even a single relative in Hong Kong, Michelle Ye is used to it, "I began my independent life in states at the age of 13, I didn't have the ability to understand the whole situation then, I didn't understand what misery is.  My relative in Hong Kong is my movie, there is the To director and his wife, Louis and Richie."

As the public icon, Michelle Ye is still willing to lead a life as a commoner, "I often take the trains, or the public transport, some people recognize me, I'll smile and give a greeting."  Apparently different from celebrities who go about with a few assistants, Michelle Ye often go out alone.  "I like to eat, I can eat abalone, but I too can wear T shirt to eat at the roadside stalls.  It is because I'm personally so in nature, but because I am an actress in profession, I can be the princess, and I can be the girl next door too.  If I've never taken the train, how do I play a scene of taking the train?"


Reporter's Notes

She is still the girl from Jiangnan

Making an appointment to interview Michelle Ye was met up with several setbacks.  At one point of time, I even wondered if she is someone hard to interview, the worries followed me all the way to the filming site.  However, seeing her in casual wear, chewing on a piece of roasted pork from the ceremony before while chatting, and rejected none who requested for photo taking, I began to relax.  Michelle Ye obviously has done her homework check on me too, when facing me, she politely held out her hand and greeted me specifically by my name.

Frank, candid and without airs at all, Michelle Ye gives many the impression of magnanimity and in fact a little tomboyish.  She is still the girl from Jiangnan.  Besides her petite figure, snow white complexion,  sparkling eyes, be it exciting topics or hilarious stories, her tone of speech is tranquil and graceful all along, her diligence made a girl from Jiangnan like myself guilty – I've only asked if she, who was in sleeveless top and short skirt, was feeling cold, while she was all the while caring if I was thirsty, if my seat was comfortable enough, kept reminding me that girls need to take extra care, and still could be alert enough to notice that her seat was obstructing a filming scene, and also ensured our interview was without interruptions.

Just a moment before, Michelle Ye just texted me again, telling me a Chinese medical clinic in Guangzhou, while wishing me soonest recovery – I've totally forgotten the matter:  while chatting I simply mentioned that every time of this year I will have rashes.  She is still the girl from Jiangnan.


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