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Michelle Ye loves talented man most

Posted by MYR on March 13, 2009 at 10:44 AM

13 Mar 2009 - Michelle Ye loves talented man most

Michelle Ye loves talented man most

Source: Qing Tao Daily

13th Mar 2009



Michelle Ye rejected a movie offer from Johnny To which required nude scenes.


Michelle Ye accepted an interview with a fashion magazine earlier on, when asked if she was influenced to get married by the weddings of several female stars in the industry recently, she frankly replied she has not had such impulse at the moment. She believes marriage needs to be built on a solid foundation of relationship, and has no age limit to get married, she will believe in fate on finding her right one before getting married.


When asked on the type of man she would like to get married to, Michelle expressed that the person must be responsible, open minded, and tolerant, and most importantly, he must be talented. Even when a talented man has many other shortcomings, she tends to be able to forego them.

Besides, she feels that men who concentrate on their career are most appealing, she doesn't think that rumors affect relationship. She revealed that Johnny To offered her a movie deal, which she rejected as she could not accept the nude scenes, when Johnny again offered her the female lead in 'Vengeance', she feels that this is definitely fated.

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