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04 Aug 2009 - Michelle Ye: Improvement is more important than award

Posted by MYR on August 4, 2009 at 8:14 AM


Source: Beijing Youth Paper

04th Aug 2009


'Accidents' starring Michelle Ye and Louis Koo is nominated in the 66th Venice Film Festival.  Michelle Ye will be in the run for the best actress award with Isabella Hupert, Monica Bulleci etc.  Michelle Ye who is currently busy filming 'Unleashed' in Hong Kong with Leon Lai and Richie Ren expressed that she will be making time for the festival, "I'm not hoping for the awards, I'm only happy for my own improvement."

Michelle Ye born in Hangzhou, represented New York in Hong Kong for Miss Chinese International pageant and was crowned winner while also bagging the Most Classic Beauty Award.  Following on, she signed with TVB and entered the entertainment industry, filming 'Reaching Out', 'Network Love Story', etc popular series, becoming TVB's leading fa dan.  She later signed with Media Asia to progress into the movie industry and filmed 'The Sniper', 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook', 'Accidents', etc movies.  Michelle Ye expressed that it was because she was lucky enough to work with smart directors and experienced actors that has allowed her to improve rapidly.

'Accidents' is produced by Johnny To, directed by Cheng Pou Sui, it is the first Milky Way production of Cheng Pou Sui.  The movie is about 5 assassins who were hired by a mysterious mastermind to assassinate criminals who've escaped the legal penalty through loopholes.  Michelle Ye plays an assassin in the movie, she said: "This is a very interesting logical movie, a very Johnny-To style, cool, stylish and expressive, just like himself."  Michelle Ye said that the filming of 'Accidents' has been slow and steady for the best quality, "There isn't a ready script at that time, thus we've taken more than one and a half year, a lot of the actors have taken up other jobs in between and then return to continue even, now that I recall, it is this kind of persistence that produces a worthy work."


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