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Michelle Ye, Monica Mok bonds strong sisterhood; plays spy in "Athena"

Posted by MYR on February 5, 2013 at 12:20 PM

04 Feb 2013

Source: Yes Entertainment News

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Press Conference of ‘Athena’ series premier airing


Directed by renowned action director, Tan Qiao and casting Michelle Ye, Monica Mok, Liu Enyou and Dean Wu, ‘Athena’ crew were present in Shanghai for the promotion of the premier airing of the series on Shanghai TV channel on the coming February 12th. The plot of the story is based on the foreign settlement in Shanghai back in the year 1932. It is about the story of a ‘Spy Agent’ who uses the nickname ‘Athena’ who juggles between war of the country and family conflicts.


‘Athena’ seeks to innovate the ‘new times of war drama’, and casts a crew of good looking idols, while creating breathtaking fighting scenes, as well as including romantic and endearing relationships. Main lead Michelle Ye is also responsible as the producer of the series and plays ‘Goddess of Revenge’ Liu Lizi, who appears on the surface as the top beauty attraction of the Bailemen entertainment house, but is in fact a female spy who has submerged among the Japanese officials in order to take the revenge for her family line. For the best portrayal of this role, Michelle Ye not only took the challenge to pickup high risks skills such as shooting, fighting, flipping, and wire hanging, she also practiced hard to master several dances such as jazz, belly dancing, pole dance, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, just to name a few. The producers also invested above millions to reproduce the scenes of old Shanghai streets, hoping to give the best visual effects to audience.


Monica Mok and Michelle Ye are good friends in the circle for decades, yet the duo plays romantic competitors in their first collaboration. Monica Mok plays Yu Xia, daughter of a wealthy family in the series. Yu Xia and Liu Lizi both deeply loved Nalan Dong, played by renowned actor, Liu Enyou, and thus stirs a captivating battle of love, where they began losing oneself in the battle…


‘Athena’ is labeled by the producers as the ‘battle version of ‘Meteor Garden’’. Main female character, Liu Lizi not only has a pitiful family background, but also experienced a route of challenges in her relationship. Liu Enyou who has the nickname ‘Tony Leung junior’ plays male lead Na Lan Dong, a carefree and unrestrained man before others, who appears to be the Prince of Manchuria, but is in fact the chief leader of a special operation force. Dean Wu plays a melancholy young Sergeant Ouyang Che.

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